A Basic Guide to Plant Propagation

A Basic Guide to Plant Propagation

Now this is a fun oneโ€ฆ Letโ€™s make some plant babies.

This is a super easy concept but with much more difficult procedure and some varied results. The propagation I will be sharing will be about plant cuttings and other materials, though this term also includes the growth from seeds. What I will do is write a basic description of the method, and then a much more detailed version in another post.

Basic method:

Take a cutting of your plant, a cutting meaning any living plant material.

  • Fill a small glass with water, and put the cutting in the water; make sure it covers just a small portion of the cutting.
  • Put it in a sunny spot, and wait and hooooooope that some roots will form.

This method is more of a try it and see, and shouldnโ€™t be done with any cuttings that you have intrinsic value for. Good plants to use this method for – succulents of almost any kind (they are super hardy little creatures), ivy type plants, etc.

Like I say, this is the basic method. It is usually fool-proof, though if you are an expert fool like I am, it is still possible to find ways to mess it up. If you are struggling, please get in contact with us, or read the full version of propagation methods in the posts to come.

Plant love, Planteka.

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