Art Therapy with Plants

Art Therapy with Plants: Get Creative

Get artsy and creative with your plants. Be in contact with your plants and their environments, it is a great way to reset your mind, and your body, after a long day/week/pandemic. Have a read here for more plant therapy tips.

Quick guide:

  • Choose your most beautiful plant. Here are some of my favourites: Begonia Goegoensis, Calathea Orbifolia, Echeveria Agavoide.
  • Set the scene (lighting, position, background).
  • Choose your materials (pens, paints, pencils).
  • Get creative! Start drawing your plant, focus on the small details of the colours or shapes on the leaves. Use the plant as a template and start to get ethereal, make up your own jungle scene.

Getting up close and personal with your plants enables you to become more knowledgeable too. You will start to find the different identifying points of each plant – whether it has ventral bands around the leaf, or how the veins on the underside look. Many of these pointers will help you become a plant expert!

Further steps:

  • Take a walk in nature and find a place sit down and draw the landscape.
  • Use a leaf or flower from your plant and colour or paint it.
  • Make a pressing from the flowers and leaves.
  • Create a table or space somewhere and make your space as planty as you can (take pictures and share with us!!!)

We would love to see your paintings and drawings, send them to us on Instagram and you could be featured on our Instagram. 🙂

Plant love, Planteka.

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