Care For Yourself As You Would Your Plants

Care for Yourself as You Would Your Plants

We have said it before, and undoubtedly we will say it again, care for yourself as you would your plants. It is important to understand how deeply we are linked with plants, and how we share many of the same needs as them also.

So how can we treat ourselves in the same way as we treat our plants? Well, primarily we need to understand our likes and dislikes, what makes us happy, and what barriers are in the way for our growth. Whether it is sharing nature with one another, or treating yourself to your favourite meal or drink. There are endless opportunities to promote your own growth and happiness.

Care For Yourself As You Would Your Plants!

Here at Planteka, we want to help in whatever way we can. We have a large community of plant and nature lovers, each person bringing their own light and energy to the community. A community open and ready to accept more people.

Please take this blog post as an invitation to come and join us with what we are doing. In some weeks we have our last PlantekaFest for the year, where members of our community will join us; it is a great opportunity for you to come and meet other plant lovers and have some fun, while celebrating the plants in our lives. Here, we will have some special interaction between plants and people along with our famed plant swap, as well as a workshop focusing on awareness and wellbeing.

What I am wanting to say is that we are here with open plants (arms), ready to welcome you to our community; and we hope, to promote and grow your own development, both inside and out of our community.

If you have any questions for us, we are always here to respond. Contact us here.

Plant love, Planteka.

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