Care Tips for a Jewel Orchid (Ludisia Discolor)

Care tips for a Jewel Orchid (Ludisia Discolor)

The Jewel Orchidย is a beautiful and very unique plant, its beautiful leaves are very distinctive and it creates some incredible, small flowers. However, it can be quite a difficult plant to grow and maintain. Here is a guide for care tips for a jewel orchid.

Care Tips for a Jewel Orchid:

  • Location: this plant must be kept inside, in a bright position, but away from any air currents that may bring cold temperature air. Do not place this plant in strong, direct sunlight! If the leaves are yellow-ish, the light is too strong, if they are darker, the light is too weak.
  • Watering: the jewel orchid must be watered two or three times a week during the hot summer. During winter-time, once or twice is sufficient. It is important to use filtered water; the plant does not like water with impurities. Before watering, ensure the first few centimeters of substrate are dry.
  • Substrate: the soil for the plant must have good drainage, using perlite is a necessity. We want good aeration for the roots otherwise they are likely to suffer from root-rot. If you are unsure on how your soil is, it is a good idea to re-pot the plant so you are sure it is well.
  • Fertiliser: during the summer months, the plant will be inย  its most productive growth period. It is important to provide it with nutrients, through natural fertilisers, to allow its growth. For a detailed guide on this, please read here.
  • Humidity: this plant enjoys high humidity. If you do not have a humidifier, a good alternative is to place a glass water around it. The evaporation of the water will provide the humidity necessary.

Hopefully this guide can help you maintain and grow this beautiful plant, if not, we are always here to help! You can reach out to us here, or you can book a plant rescue serviceย and we can help you save your plants.

Plant love, Planteka

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