Designing your Space with Low Light Plants

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Designing your Space with Low Light Plants

A friend recently asked me: how do I design my space with plants, a place where I can come home to. This is of course a common question for us who live our modern urban apartments, where sometimes natural light finds it difficult to reach as well. Plants have a way of livening up the space, no matter what and there are some that can definitely thrive in low light.

Living Room:Β 

Literally, the living space of your home can invigorate your mornings or calm you down after a long day at work. For brighter living room spaces, we recommend big leafed plants, to make you feel the presence of Nature right here, where you spend most of your time at home.

For medium – bright indirect light conditions, a Raphidophora Tetrasperma or the more common Monstera Deliciosa would sit just so beautiful in your living space, giving the jungle vibes. For some unusual choice, we recommend the beautiful variegated plants, like a Schefflera Arboricola Variegata or our favourite Ficus Elastica Variegated. Another great, but not so common choice is Rhipsalis, if there is bright indirect light in your living room and if you can hang it from the ceiling, even better. πŸ™‚

Fow low light living rooms, Philodendrons are definitely a great choice. Except the Split leaf Philodendron – which is basically the Monstera Deliciosa.


Getting playful, or getting a good rest, bedroom is where you need those air purifying beauties and that is why we recommend a Sanseveria Zeylanica or Peace Lilies. And even better, both of these thrive in low light. Put them in a wicker basket, and you have a beautifully designed bedroom with Nature invited in.


Not too bright, but still light comes through? We are thinking Bird’s Nest Fern. Even better, if you occasionally mist this beauty. πŸ™‚


Do you have one of those no light bathrooms? Why not go for a Calathea? Calatheas are used to low light conditions, growing on the jungle floors in their natural environment. The darker the Calathea foliage, the lower the light requirements.


IN A NUTSHELL, we recommend:

Low/No light Bathrooms: Dark foliage Calatheas

Medium to Bright, but Indirectly Lit Kitchen: Bird’s Nest Fern or even Philodendrons

Low to Medium Lit Bedroom: Peace Lilies or Sanseveria Zeylanica with a Wicker Basket for either of them. Gorgeous!

Medium to Bright, but Indirectly Lit Bedroom/Living Room: Schefflera Arboricola Variegata or our favourite Ficus Elastica Variegated, Rhipsalis in beautiful hanging ceramics

Tell us if you think we have missed out some of your favourites. πŸ™‚ How would you like your space to be designed? Write to us at or comment below.


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