Earth Day with Planteka

Earth Day with Planteka

Today is Earth Day. Hurray!!!

What a beautiful day to celebrate our beautiful world. It is home to so many weird and wonderful things, and I’m only talking about us. All the plants and insects and birds, and fishes, and lizards, and penguins, and foxes… Well you get the idea, it’s pretty diverse and exciting; which should be celebrated more and more, although for me we shouldn’t need just a specific day in our calendar to celebrate the Earth. It should be done in every action we take, everyday. This starts from reducing our non-reusable waste, to flying less, and of course, to growing more plants!!

I love the idea that we should celebrate this beautiful (and only planet we have), but please lets’ collectively try to create something we can actually celebrate! Let’s create some positive climate action for a moment, and begin to collectively, and overwhelmingly, fight the insanity of complicity of letting our world burn. Community

I know all of us here in the Planteka community are supporters and activists for positive climate action, but I will ask you all to try and do more, just as I ask myself often as well. If we can take anything as known, it is that we can all be change makers, on small and larger scales. Influence those around you to make positive changes in their lifestyles and behaviours, then ask those people to be influencers also, to spread the message as far as we can. We need to improve the climate, our climate, otherwise we are going to lose so much, in such a short space of time.

Anyway, my name is Will. I recently started at Planteka. Please continue to follow our blog and Instagram feed, where we will be developing our climate action posts in the coming weeks. I hope we will get to know each other over the next months, and please get involved with the community as much as you want. We would love to see and hear more from you all.

Love and rage, (and also plant love).



P.s. Please checkout this amazing Instagram page – @earth.risestudio. Created by Alice Aedy, and Jack Harries. It is a very powerful page promoting climate action.

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