Grow Microgreens Without Soil in 10 Steps (In Pictures)

Stuck at home and forgot to get some soil. Didn’t get any seeds while stocking up? Not to worry! Grow some microgreens, on paper towels. With lentils or chia seeds.

Our lovely Planteka member, Kat has shared her secrets from her kitchen laboratory. Check this out.

Microgreens grow pretty fast on soil (even and powdery). But, if you donโ€™t have soil at your disposal, paper towels are a clean and easy way to grow these nutrient packed babies. You can use the harvest in sandwiches and salads. Also, this is a fun experiment to do with your kids as the results are pretty quick and they can see the growth in a matter of days.

Things you need:

  1. 3 layers of kitchen paper towels
  2. A plastic container, with a lid. With enough height for the plant to grow. You can reuse the ones you get fruits or olives in or reuse takeaway boxes. There should be no holes in the box or the lid.
  3. Water to mist
  4. Seeds to sprout: Broccoli, spinach, chia, lentils – all of these work.
  5. A shaker (optional) to spread the seeds evenly


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