How to Encourage Growth in a Rubber Tree

If, like me, you have been struggling to grow your rubber tree (ficus elastica), you may be searching for ways to encourage growth and make it more leafy. Look no further!

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This process is called notching. You notch the plant beneath some older growth, which leads to the plant putting out new growth below the notch.

How to notch your rubber tree:

  • Find a space with little growth.
  • Below the closest leaf, cut a small notch in the stem. You can do this one or two times.
  • Wait for new buds to grow below the notch.

Note: please be careful not to cut too much into the stem, 1-2mm will work ok without damaging the plant.

For more information, watch this video here.

Let us know if you tried it with #weareplanteka.

Plant love, Planteka.

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