How to Propagate a Calathea Orbifolia

How to Propagate a Calathea Orbifolia

With our ongoing series of propagation tips, today will be about how to propagate a Calathea Orbifolia. Lets make some more plant babies!!

How to propagate:

Calathea Orbifolia cannot be propagated by stem or leaf cuttings… They have to be propagated by division at the roots.

  • In spring or summertime, when there is new growth forming, remove the plant from its pot.
  • Start to separate some of the outer shoots from the inner bunches. Be very careful not to hurt the roots.
  • Once you have separated some, repot the original plant, and the new “cuttings”.
  • Put in a warm and light (indirect) place and water.

For a full outline of the Calathea Orbifolia, please read here.

Let us know how you get along with #weareplanteka. If you have some cutting youโ€™d like to trade or sell, link us here.

Plant love, Planteka.

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