How to Propagate Pilea Mollis

How to Propagate Pilea Mollis?

Pilea Mollis, also known as Pilea Moon Valley, is one of our most popular plants. Here is a ‘how to guide’ for its propagation.

It is very easy to propagate this plant, however, it’s the growing after which takes some time.

How to propagate?

  • Select your medium, as a standard I use water for most plants, this one included. However, this plant does very well growing in Sphagnum moss.
  • Find and make your cutting: for this plant I suggest a leaf just below the petiole.
  • Place in water below the node. Or if using moss, place node below moss and water.
  • Cover cutting with a plastic bag to seal humidity in.
  • Wait… wait… wait…

Soon some roots will grow and you can transplant it.

Once you have a few little cuttings growing, you can always share and sell them on our marketplace. Find out how to do so here.

If you have any problems with the process, have a read of these guides. You can also watch this video for more clarification. If you still have problems, you can reach out here for help.

Plant love, Planteka.

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