How to Set up a Basic Hydroponic System

How to Set up a Basic Hydroponic System?

Hydroponics is the concept of growing plants, mostly leafy greens and vegetables, through nutrient rich water solutions. Most of these systems are closed environments, meaning it is just this nutrient solution feeding the plant.

The most basic of these methods is called the Kratky method, this is where plants are grown in a jar or bucket, with their roots immersed in the solution. This allows rapid growth of the plant and is predominantly used in urban growing situations.

The more advanced these systems become, the more equipments you need. Other techniques include Nutrient Film Technique (NFT); the most advanced system is called Aquaponics, a technique that uses living fish to provide nutrients to the water. This can be a really complex procedure as it requires the maintenance of the fish, as well as the vegetables you are growing. These systems are usually used in large scale urban farms.

The world of hydroponics is also well known for growing Marijuana plants, due to the increased productivity of the plant growth, these systems can create stronger, and bigger plants, in less time.

For PlantekaFest, we will be exploring hydroponics in a more detail, then delving into the application of these theories. If it sounds like something you would enjoy to learn and practice, take a look here and book yourself a ticket! If not, we have so many more workshops for you to take part in!
Plant love, Planteka.

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