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How to use Ollas as Self-Watering System for Plants?

How to use Ollas as Self-Watering System for Plants?

Ollas are an ancient form of watering your plants during the summer months. It is a method to hydrate the soil deeper down to encourage deeper and stronger root formation, as well as ensuring much of the water does not evaporate during the heat.

How to do your own:

  • Find a small terracotta pot (honestly it can be a plastic pot also). The size of an early planter is perfect.
  • Dig a space into the soil, and insert the pot. Make sure it is in the soil to the level of the lip.
  • Make sure the pot is secure in the soil.
  • Pour water into the pot and watch it disappear deep into the soil.
  • Cover the pot until the next use so no bugs can jump in.

Take a look at this video and see.

Note: this is very useful for larger pots and beds but can be more difficult to implement with smaller sizes. Make sure you water the plants from above but with a little less water.

Check out these beautiful pots created by Unai Cariรฑena. Not that I suggest using these for an olla…

Plant love, Planteka.

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