Native Plants of Catalunya

Native Plants of Catalunya

One of my big learnings from #PlantekaFest was about the necessity and scarcity of native plants being grown and sold around the world, with a specific focus here in Barcelona. The biodiversity of Barcelona and the world has been altered by the inclusion of non-native plants, which has negatively impacted the local fauna and animals.

I began these learnings from the Plant-People interaction workshop at PlantekaFest, curated by the amazing Adel from Balconnect. Now, to be honest, I donโ€™t know many of the native species that are here in Barcelona, so I decided to create a short list for you to keep your eyes out for, both in nature and in plant shops! Also if you have some native plants to sell or share on Planteka, or know where to get them, join our community or share with us where to source it for our community.

Here are a few beautiful native plants to Barcelona (and Catalunya):

  1. Acanthus Mollis (Angel Wings)
  2. Aconitum vulparia (Tora Blanca)
  3. Anacamptis pyramidalis (Capuchin Flower)
  4. Jasione Crispa
  5. Lactuca Perrenis
  6. Prunella Grandiflora

Over the next weeks we will be trying to find some sources for these types of plants and more, all native to Catalunya. Help us help our ecosystem become more diverse and welcoming to the native fauna and flora of Catalunya.

If you are curious like I am to learn more about the native plants of Catalunya, please don’t hesitate to contact me, or Adel, and ask us any questions you may have!

Plant love, Planteka.

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