No Time to Rest After PlantekaFest

No Time to Rest After PlantekaFest

Just a few days have passed since PlantekaFest.. and we are still in shock over how beautiful it was! Wow, what an amazing weekend…

We really are so happy for all of you to have joined us for the events. After such a long period of the inability for the community to meet in person, to have this, was overwhelming for us. We are so proud to have such a diverse and interesting community all focusing around one thing… Our mutual love for plants.

In these next weeks, keep an eye out for any announcements we may have coming up, we want to keep this momentum going if we can. With the sun and the warmth of summer, comes many more opportunities for us all to share with each other again.

If you have any photos or comments from PlantekaFest, please write to us here, or use the hashtag #weareplanteka on Facebook and Instagram.
Plant love, Planteka.

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