Planteka is a collaborative project, to bring together a community of plant lovers. 

“Eka” implies “One” in Sanskrit and we believe in Oneness through Plants, in being connected by our love for plants and Nature.

Here at Planteka, we involve both individuals and small and local businesses from the community in sharing not only plants between fellow plant lovers, but also their knowledge and expertise on what is relevant for this community.

Our members are well versed in a wide range of topics involving environmental sustainability, creation of art using plants, plant therapy and general care and propagation of plants.

We also provide services curated from our community to create greener living spaces in your home or office.

The Story: How it Began

Sanitha, Our Community Founder

Growing up in the Nature abundant land of Kerala in India, Sanitha’s memories of childhood are filled with those of climbing trees, sowing seeds and harvesting food from the backyard. ???? Her first move into urban lifestyle made her miss the presence of Nature in her life and there was always an incessant urge to bring Nature to every place she called home, ever since. 🌿

On moving to Barcelona’s concrete urban space, she wanted to do the same. Only to realise soon that it was difficult to find the right plants, in an affordable and convenient way. Walking the streets of Barcelona and looking at all the balconies and terraces of the city filled with hanging plants and succulents, she wondered if only she could swap a cutting of those plants. Remembering the times back in Kerala, when her mother would exchange the plants and cuttings she has with her neighbours.

Thus was born Planteka, a space to buy, sell or swap for plants and plant propagations / cuttings with your fellow plant lovers. From here, Planteka has also evolved into a space for the community to share knowledge and expertise on the topic of plants and sustainability.


Vanessa, Our Tech Co-Founder

In fact, plants came to Vanessa’s life quite recently. Growing up in a dense concrete jungle called Hong Kong, there was little Nature accessible to her. When she spontaneously decided to move to Berlin, the gloomy winter and separation from friends and family sent her down a worst spiral of depression. Thankfully, houseplants (along with therapy) helped her dig her way out. There were days when it was a struggle to get out of bed to feed herself, but the thought of tending the plants helped her find her own way. 🍃

On moving to sunny Barcelona, she started looking everywhere for plants to fill her apartment with; and that’s when she found out about Planteka and this community. She loves the idea of connecting people through their love for plants, as well as supporting small local businesses during this difficult time. As our Tech Partner, she hopes to bring her tech expertise to help grow this wonderful community of plant people at Planteka!


Sara, Our Social Media Alchemist

Sara always loved the world of plants, Nature and animals ever since she can remember. Her inspiration stems from her numerous visits to her grandma’s home in the countryside in Chiclana, Cadiz.

Always a curious kid, she would ask her grandma a lot about the plants, while helping her harvest potatoes or pick water geraniums and roses. Plants naturally became a part of Sara.

Sara believes in the immense therapeutic effect that plants have on her. She loves to repot them, trim them and watch them grow, while understanding their process and learning from them. Oh! And she loves the bugs, just as much as the plants.🐛

With her role as the social media alchemist, she intends to bring in the extra oomph and share the knowledge to our wider community.


Our Amazing Collaborators

Mireia, Garden Consultant

You have a project for your home, interior patio, office, building, Mireia is the one for you. Mireia is passionate about rewilding the urban Barcelona. Trained as a gardener, she believes that plants have the power to change people and spaces. She sees herself, constantly growing and evolving, just like a plant and runs her Born Gardening passion project where she helps you find the right plants, sets them up for you and makes your space greener, fresher and happier.

📩Write to Mireia

Cristina, Events Specialist

Cris organised our first ever plant swap in Madrid this year and boy, was she good at it! 🙂 Cris identifies herself as a biophile. For the most clueless, here’s the hint! She loves natural wood furniture, exposed stone, rooms full of plants, natural light, return to the traditional .. She has combined her passion for plants and her experience in events market to start her passion project #plantesyplanes @be.succulent. Are you interested in one of her events?

 📩Write to us to know more

Nina, Garden Consultant

???? Nina offers permaculture gardening for indoor spaces.If you need help to repot your plants, you know whom to connect to.  📩Write to Nina

 📩Write to us, if you have a garden to be set up, in your home or office. Here at Planteka community, Mireia or Nina can help you find the plants that suits your needs and spaces.   So, if you are a little lost on how to bring in the good bees home, or wondering how to repot a plant, let us help you rewild your space.  

Hector, Videographer

📹Hector is an amazing videographer, who is excited to get creative with the videos for our #IAmPlanteka series, beautiful stories from plant lovers in the community. We can’t wait to get started with Hector’s amazing skills.

Andrea, Plant Swap Collaborator

Andrea loves plants, just as much as everyone around us here.  She writes on Plantropica, a well curated blog on everything about plants and their care. In our first ever plant festival, Andrea’s plant swap bar was a hit, and we can tell you it was not for the drinks. 😉

Xenia & Eugenia, Sustainability Experts

🌍 Xenia from BCN Zero Waste and Eugenia from YERBA Workshops are total rockstars when it comes to sustainability. We loved working together at our first ever plant festival, where they delivered workshops on recycled macrames and food composting.

And more beautiful people here …

I Am Planteka: Stories from our Community

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