Philodendron Hedaraceum (Micans)

Philodendron Micans are beautiful climbers, with their shiny velvety leaves, and they originate from Central America. They make for great indoor plants. Here, I am showing you here how easy it is to propagate Philodendron Micans, in water. Check out the PRO Tip for propagating cuttings also.

How to propagate a Philodendron Hedaraceum (Micans)?

  1. You can propagate by taking a cutting of the plant with:
    • 2 leaves and 2 nodes or
    • 1 leaf and 1 node
  2. Stick it in water, with the nodes touching the water so that the roots grow well.
  3. A PRO Tip for propagation would be to use an opaque bottle or jar for propagation.

How to care for a Philodendron Hedaraceum (Micans)?

?Light exposure

In Nature, the plant thrives in bright indirect sunlight. Of course, that would be idea for the Philodendron Micans. But, you can grow them in low light parts of your home. It should receive indirect light though.

?ย Watering

Water when the top few inches of soil starts getting dry. Water them fully until you see the water coming out of the drainage holes. During summer and spring months, keep the soil moist. But, do not overwater as the roots will rot. In the winter, water only when the soil is completely dry.


The ideal temperature for this plant is between 65ยฐ-75ยบF (18.3ยฐ-23.9ยบC) during the day and above 55ยบ F (12.8ยบC) at night. Their growth could be slow, if the temperature is not within this range.

We have some lovely Philodendron Micans right here with us.


  1. I have a mican with no leaf but with a node and roots in water. Will this grow leaves eventually? If yes, how long should I wait for leaves? When should I pot?
    • Hey Mariam, I actually stuck a node like that directly in soil and was surprised to see that 2-3 weeks later, it sprouted a new leaf. If I were you, I would put it in well-drained soil already. :) Good luck.

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