Begonia Sizemorae

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Begonia sizemorae

Beautiful and hairy Begonia!! A truly exotic and new rhizomatous species discovered in North Vietnam. The leaves surface are sparsely covered with long white hairs and also the petioles. Really fast growinf and easy to propagate!






Please note that the photo is a sample and it isn’t necessarily the same plant you will received. It has the same characteristics but it can be some other plant. And also that all our europeans orders will be shipped on Mondays only, due to be less risky to the plant. And Spain orders between Mondays to Wednesday, depends on the day it was ordered and how many days it needs to be processed.


  • Light Requirement: Bright Indirect Light
  • Foliage / Flowering Colour: Dark green and red textured foliage
  • Rare & Exotic: Yes
  • Product Type: Indoor Plant
  • Pet Friendly: No


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