Things to Do When You Bring A New Plant Home

Things to Do When You Bring A New Plant Home

We are asked frequently what are some key points for me to do when I bring a new plant home, so we thought we would address this question with a little guide.

Integrating a plant into its new environment sometimes needs a lot of thought, and sometimes the reality is that it needs a lot of fore-thought before actually buying the plant. One of the key thought explorations should be, is there sufficient light and space for the plant to thrive? If there is too much competition for the light and space, the plant could struggle to adapt and thrive in its new home. So before buying the plant, make sure you know where she will be living and create a space for her. For more information on buying new plants, read here.

When you bring a new plant home:

  • Give the plant a quick clean and wipe, both sides of the leaves.
  • Make sure she is fully watered and happy.
  • Position the plant where she will be happiest; some plants need direct sunlight, others not. It is important to know what conditions your plant thrives in.

Bonus point:

  • If, like me, you enjoy getting your hands dirty with soil, I would almost immediately repot my new plant. Not only will it give her more space to grow, but it will also give you an opportunity to check her root and soil health.

Finally, if you bought your plant from Planteka, take a picture and tag us with #weareplanteka.

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Plant love, Planteka.

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