What is Agroforestry and Syntropic Agriculture?

What is Agroforestry and Syntropic Agriculture?

We have been asked this a lot in these past days since our PlantekaFest announcement, so I will explore a little here what it is about.

Agroforestry is in essence the inclusion of woody perennials (trees, shrubs, palms etc) in actively used farming lands.The purpose of which is to diversify and sustain social and farming productivity. It is mostly used on small holding farms and rural communities as it improves all-round communal benefits.

There are a variety of different theories and applications of agroforestry, one of which is syntropic agriculture. An intensive version of agroforestry, syntropic agriculture imitates natural regenerative processes in forests. It is used to promote increased yields from the forest area, with a more diverse and productive ecosystem, by laying out the plants and seeds in such a way as to maximise photosynthesis.Β 

During the Agroforestation and Syntropic Agriculture Workshop at PlantekaFest, you will learn about all of this and more! You will then be able to put it into practice by creating your own edible forest ecosystem which you will be taking home with you!

Take a look at the workshop here. We hope to see you there for this one – and take your first step towards regenerative agriculture!

Plant love, Planteka


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