What is the Bokashi Method of Composting?

What is the Bokashi method of composting?

Bokashi composting is a method of anaerobic composting, though rather than decomposition of waste, it is a fermentation using specific bacteria.

This method is faster than usual methods of composting, creates less odor, requires less space, and creates a nutritious liquid for plants frequently.

How to Bokashi compost

  1. Find yourself a ready made Bokashi composting kit.
  2. Add your food and plant waste to the bin.
  3. Sprinkle the bokashi specific bacteria and compress the mixture.
  4. Continue the process until the bin is full.
  5. Drain the liquid frequently and feed to your plants.

The one downside to this method is that it is necessary to compost the mixture at a certain point, as the mixture in the bin is too acidic for plant roots.

6. Find a space in the garden or terrace to bury the material, it will only be 2 weeks until it is ready to use, in comparison to other compost techniques, which is months.

If you are interested in this method, our provider of the Bokashi kit, Urban Green Clubย is more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Plant love, Planteka.

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