Will You Be our Pen-Plant-Pal?

Love plants and writing? Love building a community of plant lovers?
PerfecT! Planteka would love to have you as our content writer and community builder. :))
“When we are finally surrounded by jungles of concrete, man will start building forests”. Today, it appears we have reached this point due to rise in urban apartment dwelling and our generation’s growing love for #urbanjungles
Planteka is based in sunny Barcelona and was conceived as a unique space to buy, sell or swap plants and propagations within a community of plant lovers. We also share knowledge about anything related to gardening and environmental sustainability, and providing gardening services, curated from our community. In this process, our main objective is to also support small businesses in the gardening sector, to bring them online through our platform and make them visible with our community.
Our Vision is to have a greener and more sustainable world, and make our living spaces more liveable, pure and joyful.
Our Mission is to make Planteka the one stop space for everything related to plants, bring the therapeutic value of growing a plant into our modern lifestyle, by creating a community of plant lovers.


Your hand in the Mission:

Community Building
  1. Reach out to small business vendors / garden centres / floristerias in the gardening sector – focus country – Spain.
  2. Be able to onboard these small businesses on Planteka.
  3. Onboard individuals who provide workshops related to gardening sector.
Content Creation
  1. Conduct high-quality (desk) research on ongoing trends in the gardening world and (in-person)interviews, in order to create relevant content for the community.
  2. Write clear, attractive blog content with our consistent and distinctive brand voice, focused on community.
  3. Work in collaboration with social media and design teams to share content simultaneously on multiple channels.
  4. Create copies as relevant for Instagram sharing.
  5. Create bi-weekly newsletter, ideally from the same weekly content.
  6. Use SEO principles to maximize copy’s reach online

We’re looking for someone who:

  1. Can get his/her hands dirty with gardening.
  2. Doesn’t shy away from reaching out to people, IRL or online.
  3. Lives, breathes and enjoys building communities.
  4. Has 3+ years of content writing experience.

Bonus points, if you have:

  1. SEO knowledge
  2. Spanish language skills (for translation and reaching out to small businesses)

You are in, if you:

  1. Walk the talk: Skills, Responsibilities
  2. Believe in our Vision and Mission.
  3. Bring the good vibes!
  4. Are a self-starter and responsive!
  5. Take risks.
  6. Love to solve a good challenge.

What you get from us

  1. Fixed pay
  2. You get to choose your own title 😉
  3. Work with lots of plants..mmm
  4. Flexible working hours.
  5. Mental health day-offs every month.
  6. And be part of a fun team in sunny Barcelona.

Come on! Let’s plant some!

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