How to Use the Planteka Dashboard to Sell Plants and Accessories


1. Go to "Vendor Dashboard"

2. Payment: Make sure your Stripe is connected. Please ensure that you have used only link to your store profile on Planteka or social media page, while connecting on Stripe.

3. If you intend to ship your listings, it is important that you fill "Shipping"

  1. New Shipping Method
  2. Name your shipping method (Eg. Entrega en España). 
  3. Choose Display as "Both"
  4. Choose "Shipping + Local Pick up"
  5. Choose Zone (eg. Spain)
  6. Set to shipping as Flat Rate or Flat Rate per package item. 
  7. Press "Create"

4. Start adding "Products". Important that you choose the "Taxons" and "Option types" if there are variants for the product.

Here are the Taxons available now:


1. Indoor Plants

2. Outdoors Plants

3. Succulents & Cacti


1. Macrames

2. Illustrations

3. Ceramic Pots

4. Pots & Plant Stands

5. Jewelry

Garden Essentials

1. Soil & Substrates

2. Fertilisers & Pest Control

3. Huertos Urbanos

4. Compost Bins

5. Grow Lights & Greenhouses

Workshops & Courses

1. Workshops

2. Courses


1. Intensive Plant Care & Pest Control

2. Interior Garden Setup

3. Plant-sitting / Niñerx


Is there something else you would like to offer for our plant lovers? Tell us here.


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