Sanitha, Our Community Founder

Growing up in the Nature abundant land of Kerala in India, Sanitha's memories of childhood are filled with those of climbing trees, sowing seeds and harvesting food from the backyard. Her first move into urban lifestyle made her miss the presence of Nature in her life and there was always an incessant urge to bring Nature to every place she called home, ever since. 🌿

On moving to Barcelona's concrete urban space, she wanted to do the same. Only to realise soon that it was difficult to find the right plants, in an affordable and convenient way. Walking the streets of Barcelona and looking at all the balconies and terraces of the city filled with hanging plants and succulents, she wondered if only she could swap a cutting of those plants. Remembering the times back in Kerala, when her mother would exchange the plants and cuttings she has with her neighbours.

Thus was born Planteka, a space to buy, sell or swap for plants and plant propagations / cuttings with your fellow plant lovers. From here, Planteka has also evolved into a space for the community to share knowledge and expertise on the topic of plants and sustainability.



Val, Our Community On-board Lead

Val lives in her world of succulents and she joined Planteka as a vendor. Born in Cuernavaca in Mexico, where it is said to have the "eternal spring", Val was introduced to the world of plants by her dad.

Val especially loves to create living art with plants, with her famous "succulent cuadros"; she enjoys how the succulents grow towards light and how they differ in colours, when there is less light or in bright sunlight.

If you would like to sell plants or accessories with us, Val is goign to help you with everything you need to know. Please write to her and come join our plant loving community.


Will, Our Workshop and Content Curator

A deeply passionate plant lover, not only for the benefit that we can provide to each other, but also more importantly for the effect they have on the environment. For many years now, he has been an activist for the environment (and human rights), many of which overlap with each other.

Will joined Planteka to not only partake in the beautiful community here, but also to use the platform to motivate and inspire you all to lead more sustainable and envirnmentally friendly lives. Will is responsible for curating and providing workshops at Planteka and also creating content for our plant care blog.



Plant communnity

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